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How to ensure the cotton flame retardant fabric finish


Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co.,Ltd , as a manufacturer of cotton flame retardant fabric ,produces flame retardant fabric with the special funcitons of not easy to ignite and self –extingushing from fire . In addition , the glossiness of cloth surface is also improved comprehensively . After all , the surface smotthness of cotton flame retardant fabric is an important factor affecting the appearance quality of products . So how to ensure the cotton flame retardant fabric finish ? You have to take measures from the source .

1.Strictly control the grey cloth quality ,which will affect the quality of the flame retardant fabric material, In terms of physical indicators ,not only need to attention the grey fabric length , width , but also the selection of the strips are clear, no strips and no billets , At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of the appearance of the fabric, and resolutely put an end to the unqualified fabric into the workshop.

2. Strengthening the control of the singeing process, the singeing process develops different processes according to different varieties, wherein the organization and specifications of the fabric have a deep relationship with the processing. Strict control of quantity, temperature, speed and distance between the fabric and the fire mouth requires appropriate adjustment according to the characteristics of the gas and the performance of the fire mouth, and resolutely eliminate the production of tops.

3.Strengthen the pre-treatment , strengthen the cotton flame retardant fabric pre-treatment ,provide guarantee for the post-process of flame-retardant fabrics, and further reduce the use of chemical additives, and use cold-stack winding for the heavier cotton fabrics to ensure the semi-product effect. Reduce the consumption of the treatment process and provide qualified environmentally semi-finished products for dyeing.

4. When mercerizing ,the caustic soda concentration can make cotton fiber mercerizing produce permanent expansion and obtain permanent high mercerizing luster .Meanwhile ,the strength of luster and dyeing performance can be enhanced to enhance the stability of fiber fabric’s stretching and deformation .

5. The dyeing method after pad dyeing is firstly infra-red pre-bake. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer of cotton flame retardant fabric. It adopts a 2-row infrared pre-drying device, and the drying rate of the cloth dyeing liquid after infrared pre-baking. At about 30%, the fabric is pre-baked by infrared rays and dried by hot air. Finally, it is dried by a drying cylinder. This is gradually contact-type drying by non-contact drying, which can effectively avoid the dyeing liquid migration and make the fabric surface botain a good finish .

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