How to Control Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric Color Difference Caused by THPC Treatment - YULONG SAFETY

How to Control Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric Color Difference Caused by THPC Treatment


Because of the long and complicated production process, cotton flame retardant fabric color would be changed easily in the production, which will greatly influence the final quality.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd prevents the color difference from the preliminary steps:

1.Grey cloth from the same factory and the same batch: Mark those that came from different batches to distinguish them in the follow-up procedure.

2.Strict pretreatment control: In the pretreatment stage, we make sure using the same machine to process. Every kind of auxiliaries have to be accurately allocated by specialists who will titrate it at regular intervals to guarantee the semi-finished products whiteness and PH value.

3.Similar substantivity of dyestuff to make sure the dynamic equilibrium of dyeing liquor in the vat. The temperature should also be rigidly controlled.

4.During the THPC treatment, padding flame retardant fabric take-up rate and dampness of dried rolled cloth need to be closely noticed. The color will be hugely impacted by the dampness.

5.Proper weak acid should be added to adjust the PH value of cloth surface in stentering of after treatment. At the same time, in order to prevent the color difference, we have to confirm the constant running speed and temperature of stentering machine.