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How to Choose the High Quality Fireproof Clothing


How to choose the high quality fireproof clothing? It is different with buying the daily clothes. In our life, we are always likely to choose brand when we buy clothing. However, for the functional clothing, we need know the function and feature. If we want use it effectively, testing standard is the most important things, and also the basic indicator.

Besides, the following indicators are also the keys to measure product quality:

First,measuring the washing time

Fireproof clothing is one kind of special uniform. According to the washing time, it can divide into single time fireproof clothing(one washing time or non), washable fireproof clothing (more than 50 washing times) and perpetual fireproof clothing. And they have different price. The more times washable, the more expensive it is. You can make comparison when buying. Many clothing will lose their flame retardant function after washing clean. So it is very important to choose the washing time. Comprehensive assessment, the most important thing is to choose the one that matches your need.

Second,comparing the accessories of the clothing

Do not slight the accessories of the fireproof clothing, the fireproof function and the clothing quality all depend on them. Please pay attention of quality and material of the button, zipper and hooks, etc. Meanwhile, you need also check the selvage craft of clothing back and pockets. These details show the quality of the fireproof clothing. Remember to check the detail information. If you pay attention of all the details, you will greatly reduce the possibility of being cheated.

Third,comparing the clothing structure

Most of the fireproof clothing will be added some chemical additive, so that the clothing will have flame retardant function. The USAGE of chemical additive is to measure the standard of a manufacturer. Unreasonable using of the additive will influence the body health. So you must ask clear when buying. At the same time, combined with your working environment, clothing applicability is the important thing. simple and generous appearance is the performance to measure the corporate image.

Yulong Textile., Ltd focuses on the production of fireproof fabric and clothing. The fireproof fabric produced by our factory has been widely used in many special industries, such as the medical treatment, petroleum, aviation and chemical industry. Welcome to visit our factory. At present, there are many fireproof clothing on market, but there are great differences in material and technical level, and also the fireproof function, appearance and comfort level, so we must choose carefully.