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The service life of flame retardant clothing


There is not always a clear answer to the general question of how long the flame-retardant clothing can be used for a long time, because it depends largely on the environment in which it is used. The label tells you that the service life will be affected by the environment. Therefore, if you work in a heavy soil environment, it will greatly reduce the time you can use it. Other means can be through a series of inspections of flame-retardant clothing, such as wear marks, clothing wear, clothing thinning, obvious cracks, tears and holes, etc.
Holes or tears do not always mean that you must discard your clothes, but any repairs must be done according to flame retardant standards. If the hole is larger than your criteria, you must use the same quality flame retardant material to repair. You must use the correct materials including flame retardant threads.
Many companies provide their employees with several sets of flame-retardant clothing to facilitate the long-term use of long-term employees. However, these employees do not know how to use them properly to extend the life of flame retardant clothing. They got six sets from the company, five of which were used for work and the other for spare. Some people put five in the closet and plan to wear the same one every day until they run out. In fact, the correct way is to take turns and wash the clothes you wear for a week at a certain time. "
Protective clothing has a common attribute. If you take good care of the flame-retardant clothing, it will take care of your care of the flame-retardant clothing. The attention to its correct handling is an important factor in its ability to complete.
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