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How to improve the daylight color fastness of flame retardant fabric


Flame retardant fabric mainly used for protective clothing and interior decoration or furniture fabrics in special industries. Because of its long service life and usually exposed to sunlight, guests often require high light fastness to Flame Retardant Fabrics. , Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. started from the selection of dyes and additives to develop a high-light fastness flame retardant fabric production process.
1.Dye selection
The dyeing of cotton flame retardant fabric usually has two kinds of active dyeing and vat dyes. The dyeing fastness of the vat dye is better than that of the reactive dye, but not so bright color dyed by the reactive dye, For flame retardant fabrics that require high light fastness, we generally use vat dyes. Some brighter colors use reactive dyes with high light fastness.
2.Fire Retardant finishing process
Taking reasonable fr finishing process is very important if want to improve the fabric daylight color fastness , after long term research and development , Yulong Textile has developed a set of different flame retardant processes suitable for different varieties. during the fr processing , the process is strictly ensured, After the FR finishing, the fabric needs to be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the surface of the flame retardant fabric does not contain alkali, and no floating color and detergent are left.
3. Additive selection
In order to further imrove the daylight color fastness , we used the method of adding the light fastness enhancer in the final finishing process. The daylight improving agent all selectd strictly ,ensure the fabric Fr performance and other physical index will be not influenced .