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XinXiang YuLong Textile Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is an enterprise of manufacturing special protective fabric and clothing.

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XinXiang YuLong Textile Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is an enterprise of manufacturing special protective fabric and clothing.

We are the earlier manufacturers to produce flame retardant fabric in Xinxiang,China.Now we have many kinds of special fabric, and bring in the protective clothing production line, to meet the needs of different industries, sophisticated technology, high-quality products,favored by domestic and foreign customers, even the British and Irish military.Every year our factory would have a field certification by Bureau Veritas.

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  • 3000 Pieces High Visibility Jackets Order Placed by Central Europe Customer

    In early August, we received central Europe customer enquiries from high visibility jackets. We found after business managers communicate with customers, the customer is a very experienced in Europe distributor, and they want to buy a total of 3000 a high visibility jacket as a railway workers work clothes.

  • Eastern Europe Client Ordered Cotton Arc Proof Jacket

    Recently, we had a cotton arc proof jacket order from Eastern Europe client, this client used it as oil and gas industry protective clothing,
    The cotton arc proof jacket produced by Yulong Textile is made of anti arc fabric and fire retardant and anti arc accessories, it can prevent arc, spark, metal droplets, and also prevent the spread of flame

  • The Flame Retardant Anti-Static Shirt Made by Yulong Textile is on Sales

    At the beginning of June, we received a 5000 flame retardant anti-static shirt order, the order of communication before and after 2 months, and the customer is from one of the Maghreb countries.

Q & A

  • Which Industries Require The Permanent Flame Retardant Fabric?

    The permanent flame retardant fabric produced by Yulong Textile was made of aramid flame retardant fiber or modacrylic fiber, The flame retardant performance will not reduce or lose no matter how many wash times. Also the permanent flame retardant fabric owns the features of no formaldehyde, no pollution, safety and environmental etc.

  • What is The Difference of Flame Retardant Fabric and High Temperature Resistant Fabric?

    Many people think that flame retardant fabric and high temperature fabrics are not burning the same fabric, but actually not. Flame retardant fabric in the face of the flame can be burned, but when the flame can be stopped immediately after the burning. Here is a list of some differences of flame retardant fabrics and high temperature resistant fabric.

  • What is The Difference of Actual Function Between The Flame Retardant Fabric and The Non-Flammable Cloth?

    1.Flame retardant fabric is the cloth will automatic extinguish even when it is burning but have the carbonization after leave the fire 12 seconds. According to the order of adding flame retardant materials, there are two kinds of the flame retardant cloth, pre-treatment and after-treatment.the regular after-treatment cloth is: 100% Cotton flame retardant fabric ,CVC flame retardant fabric, C/N88/12 Cotton Nylon flame retardant fabric. The Inherent fabric is aramid fabric and modacrylic fabric.