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Is Yulong Textile a good supplier among the flame retardant fabric manufacturers


Flame retardant fabric is a kind of emerging safety protection product. With the development of production technology of flame retardant fabric, various countries formulate corresponding laws and regulations, flame retardant standards and test methods. The flame retardant fabric is mainly applied in the fields such as fire fighting, motorcycle race, army, petrochemical industry, power industry, aviation etc. So the technology of flame retardant fabric must be mature, and the fabric must have the characteristics of soft hand feel, strong tensile strength, good flame retardant performance. There are so many flame retardant fabric manufacturers in the market, how to pick out the reliable flame retardant fabric supplier? We can consider from the following three aspects.

1. Quality: the flame retardant fabric is produced for dealing with the safety problems generated under the emergencies, the protection must have multiplicity, the emergency can be dealt with, the dressing sense can not be affected, and the dressing should be comfortable. Facing to the workers in different environments, while providing the protection, the dressing problem of the flame retardant fabric is more realistic. In order to work in the special environment for long time, the flame retardant fabric must have good breathability, moisture absorption and sweat releasing. The good protection and dressing sense are the core of production quality of flame retardant fabric manufacturer.

2. Service: for the long-term cooperative partner of enterprise, the flame retardant fabric manufacturer should have good after-sale service guarantee. Facing to various emergencies, the resolution attitude and ability are the standard to measure the strength of manufacturer. As the flame retardant fabric manufacturer, Yulong Textile has its own flame retardant testing laboratory, and various report test certificates, which guarantees the quality of flame retardant fabric. If the condition allows, the customers can visit our company. Many manufacturers exaggerate the fact on the internet, actually they don’t have their own factories and experimental bases.

3. Innovation: Yulong Textile continuously innovates on the manufacture technology of flame retardant fabric, and puts the research and innovation of product at the first, continuously upgrade the product quality. Yulong takes the upgrading test on the performance of product, strictly control the contents of formaldehyde, thus making the human body safer. Our flame retardant fabric has passed various European and American product certifications. Make more efforts to build the brand concept of “Yulong of the world”. The flame retardant fabrics produced by us are preferred by the customers from home and abroad. “Choosing Yulong is to choose the quality” is always the company slogan of Yulong.

Is Yulong Textile a good supplier among the flame retardant fabric manufacturers

Among the flame retardant fabric manufacturers, Yulong Textile is a manufacture of multifunctional protective fabric which takes flame retardant fabric as its featured product. In order to satisfy the needs of more customers, creatively integrate the multifunctional flame retardant fabric printing and dyeing factory and flame retardant workwear factory to form one-stop flame retardant fabric and workwear assembly line. From the coming of the product material to the leaving of the finished product, we arrange the strict inspections to supervise each working step, in order to ensure the high quality and high public praise of flame retardant fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd.