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  • Yulong Textile Development by The Quality

    3.15 Development by The Quality


    Since 1983, the international consumer’s union organization to determine the annual March 15 is “international consumer rights day”, in order to better protect consumer rights and interests in the international scope. With the increase in the number of all kinds of goods manufacturers and distributors, all kinds of product quality is uneven. Some undesirable businessman will be shoddy, or even at the price of harm the health of consumers to earn interest. Although countries have related quality inspection department, but always have cracks.

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  • Flu still continues, protection in time

    Flu Still Continues, Protection in Time


    Again in the spring, the influenza virus invade humans, many provinces and cities to detect hundreds of cases, the death toll increases, the flu virus has an impact on people’s health and travel. It’s not hard to find, walk on the road often see some people with a mask.

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  • Yulong Textile Received Advanced Unit Prize of Foreign Trade Work

    Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd Received Advanced Unit Prize of Foreign Trade Work


    On the morning of February 28, Henan province Commercial Office held a foreign trade work meeting, this meeting commended the advanced unit of foreign trade work in 2016, mroe than 300 foreign trade enterprises attended this meeting, and only 10 more enterprises winning awards, and we Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO. Ltd is one of those praised.

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  • Choose Yulong Choose Security

    Choose Yulong Choose Security


    It says that a 17years old girl bought hot sale Korean instant noodles which is called hottest noodles in the world.She was trying to taste something different,she had inflame lips and all pins and needles after a bite.

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  • Yulong Textile Grew up in Criticism

    Yulong Textile Grew up in Criticism


    At the beginning of new year, Xinxiang Yulong Textile organized all the staff to start a spectacular criticism and self-criticism conference after the Spring Festival holiday.

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  • Bushfires Took Place in Southeast of Canada

    Bushfires Took Place in Southeast of Canada


    In August 11, it was reported by foreign media that forest has suffered by heavy fire in Nova Scotia of the southeast Canada. Damage area has been over 350 hectare. According to the news by the department of Natural Resources of this area, the dry weather has facilitated the spreading of fire

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  • The Year of Rooster Comes Soon

    With the Past by of Monkey Year, The Year of Rooster Comes Soon


    The Monkey year will finish very soon, the old saying that it will be in the atmosphere of celebrating Nian after the 23rd, twelfth month of lunar new year. In the end of BingShen year, Yulong textile factory is still in the fully swing, all the workers worked with fully energy and make sure the last batch of goods can be finished on time.

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  • Choose Yulong, Choose Safety

    Choose Yulong, Choose Safety


    Choosing Yulong textile is choosing safety, because we have the following advantages:
    1. Xinxiang Yulong Textile is a one-stop supplier to provide the fabric and garment so that we can serve our costumer more conveniently. Our advantages are:

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  • protective fabric from Yulong Textile

    Yulong Helps You in Choosing Suitable Protective Fabric


    Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd has more than 10 years experience in the protective fabric, and Yulong knows functional fabrics industry very much.Different functions of protective fabrics have different use condition,and the using environment is also different according to different specifications of the fabric.

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  • Scientific Research Leads Yulong Textile Advance

    Scientific Research Leads Yulong Textile Advance


    Along with the development of industrialization, the work environment presents a diversification and complex characteristics. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd in a maximize the protection of front-line staff oriented principle improve unceasingly the safety of workwear.

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  • Talent is the greatest wealth of a enterprises

    Talent is The Greatest Wealth of a Enterprises


    Yulong textile always takes the outstanding talents as […]

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  • 2017, Bring Security to Home

    2017, Bring Security to Home


    The fruitful 2016 is ending, the shaky 2017 is coming. With continuous attention to safety protection in the world, more and more industries require front-line workers wear safety protective clothing, and Yulong Textile has been working for more workers to provide greater safety protection products.

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