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  • Choose Yulong, Choose Safety

    Choose Yulong, Choose Safety


    Choosing Yulong textile is choosing safety, because we have the following advantages:
    1. Xinxiang Yulong Textile is a one-stop supplier to provide the fabric and garment so that we can serve our costumer more conveniently. Our advantages are:

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  • protective fabric from Yulong Textile

    Yulong Helps You in Choosing Suitable Protective Fabric


    Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd has more than 10 years experience in the protective fabric, and Yulong knows functional fabrics industry very much.Different functions of protective fabrics have different use condition,and the using environment is also different according to different specifications of the fabric.

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  • Scientific Research Leads Yulong Textile Advance

    Scientific Research Leads Yulong Textile Advance


    Along with the development of industrialization, the work environment presents a diversification and complex characteristics. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd in a maximize the protection of front-line staff oriented principle improve unceasingly the safety of workwear.

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  • Talent is the greatest wealth of a enterprises

    Talent is The Greatest Wealth of a Enterprises


    Yulong textile always takes the outstanding talents as […]

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  • 2017, Bring Security to Home

    2017, Bring Security to Home


    The fruitful 2016 is ending, the shaky 2017 is coming. With continuous attention to safety protection in the world, more and more industries require front-line workers wear safety protective clothing, and Yulong Textile has been working for more workers to provide greater safety protection products.

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  • Yulong Textile Invites You to Enjoy Christmas Festival

    Yulong Textile Invites You to Enjoy Christmas Festival


    Christmas day in Nov.25 is one traditional festival of western countries, people prepare the Christmas presents, Christmas ornament and Christmas dinner for a long time in advance. In China, more and more people also celebrate the Christmas festival.

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  • The Environmental Protection is Closely Related to The Survival

    The Environmental Protection is Closely Related to The Survival


    Because of the early overall situation of China and the development cost of the enterprises, the environmental issues have been in the state of neglecting. But in recent years, with the emergence of the security problem and environmental crisis, each country are paying more attention on the environmental issue.

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  • Combine Work and Play Will Get Higher Efficiency

    Combine Work and Play Will Get Higher Efficiency


    In the daily tense work, people are easy to feel tired. There is no doubt that if we organize an outdoor activity at that time will improve workers’ fighting will. Last week, we organize an outdoor barbecue.

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  • Corporate Culture promotes the development of Yulong01

    Corporate Culture Promotes The Development of Yulong Textile


    Every enterprise has it own unique corporate culture. It is the soul of the enterprise and it is the driving force to promote the development of enterprise. Through refining and spreading the corporate values, the function of corporate culture is to pursue one same dream for the people who come from different place.

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  • Yulongs big reward in Thanksgiving day

    Yulong’s Big Reward in Thanksgiving Day


    The fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, Xinxiang Yulong Textile in the Thanksgiving season there have a big reward for global customers, start a thanksgiving activity to old customers and new customers.

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  • Static Electricity--The Hidden Killer in Workshop

    Static Electricity–The Hidden Killer in Workshop


    There was a news said fire broke out in a Wenzhou chemical plant, the accident has caused two deaths and direct economic losses of RMB 1 million. According to the investigation, the cause of the fire determines initially as “when unload the chemical Index, static electricity caused the fire”.

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  • Unwilling and Ordinary People

    Unwilling and Ordinary People


    The development of all the companies can not be separated from all the hard-working staff in various positions. The growth of the enterprises embodies every person's sweat and selfless contribution.

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