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  • protective fabric from Yulong Textile

    Why Need To Do Pretreatment Before Dyeing The Textile?

    Without dyeing and finishing, fabric is called original piece or greige. There is only a little supply market for greige, while most of the greige will be processed into blanch cloth, color cloth or figured cloth for the use of the consumer.

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  • Denim Pants from Yulong Textile

    What Reasons Caused Speckle on Denim Garment Dyeing Fabrics?

    1, The issue of water quality, poor water quality also produce scorch mark, mainly due to water quality containing divalent iron ions, can be oxidized to the ferric ion, which will form the scorch mark on the cloth, but are not able to find after bleaching, it is easy to be revealed after dyeing.

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  • cotton fabric from Yulong Textile

    How to Washing and Maintaining Cotton Fabric?

    Alkali resistance of cotton fabrics is strong, can use all sorts of soap and scour washing. Water temperature should be controlled below 35 ℃, it can keep the clothes in the warm water soaking 1 ~ 2 hours, but unfavorable in detergent soak for a long time,

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  • cotton-fr-fabric

    How to Maintain The Nature Fiber Garment?

    1. Cotton fabric

    The alkali and high temperature resistance of cotton is good while it is not acidproof. Cotton fabric can be washed by various kinds of soaps or detergent. Before washing, put the fabric into water and steep for several minutes, but not for long time for fear that color will be damaged.

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